uh-oh industries is a celebration of life's moments that go a bit too far, maybe get a bit out of control and are certainly not in the plans. and we're not just talking to kids. at the heart of what we do is reminding us adults that these uh-oh-able moments are what life's all about. like spaghetti on the floor or realizing the thanksgiving turkey is frozen in the middle. no matter how hard we try to keep it together, have everything in its place, things happen. those imperfections, we love them.

at uh-oh, we've made a promise to not take ourselves too seriously in making meaningful products for you and in our everyday lives outside of work. 

uh-oh industries was officially born in 2010 with an accidental doodle. bored in class, frankie testa, cofounder of uh-oh, was busy sketching things nothing to do with anything. one in particular stuck out in his mind. it resembled a stain that would inevitably end up on his one year old niece's perfectly pressed pleated dress. with the realization of how uncomfortable she is in that dress and how okay it would be after she spilled something on it, the idea evolved into a state of mind. frankie testa along side marta kosseva have worked hard to put together fun clothing and toys for children with a full heart of imagination and messiness.

so be a kid and embrace the uh-ohs.